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Felt Verza City 3 - $619

Road and mountain bikes come together in Felt’s efficient Verza City package.  24 speeds let you tackle all the varied terrain NYC has to offer with the smooth riding and safe handling of a road bike.  “The perfect bike for urban adventures.”

Fuji Absolute 2.1 Step Through & Step Over - $479

A little lighter, faster, and more durable than the 2.3.  The right bike for fast roads or gravel paths.  You’ll like the 2.1 so much when you say you’re going to take a ride, you might actually mean it.  Available in men’s and women’s styles.  

Fuji Absolute 2.3 Step Through & Step Over- $399

A versatile city bike with reliable Shimano components.  If your goal is to get from there to here with a little speed and not tons of effort, you’ve found your bike.  Available in men’s and  women’s styles and colors (ooooo!).